The Story of Us

7 Oct

I had this big, well intentioned plan to participate in a photography challenge this month. But, we’re already 7 days in and the only time I’ve even taken my camera out of it’s bag is to put on the adorable accessories I bought for it on Etsy. (having a well accessorized camera is very important in case you didn’t know!) So, since that’s basically a month’s worth of posts down the drain, I am now needing to come up with some decent posts. Since my husband and I lied about the way we met for the first year we were together (my sisters didn’t know the truth till they read it on our wedding website after becoming engaged!), I thought I’d write about the real story. Hopefull it’ll help some other 20’s somethings out there!

It’s May 2008. I have just packed up my life and moved from Tennessee to the “redneck riveria” – Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (got a new job and they moved me down there). I didn’t know a soul and lived in what can only be described as a glorified retirement village. So, there was no chance of meeting a nice young gentleman there. And, lets be honest, my chances were slim of meeting one in all of Myrtle Beach. I went home to TN at the end of the month for my best friends wedding. I came back to my little condo and was feeling sad and lonely and sort of like the crazy dog lady (at the time I only had Finn). I was watching TV and the commercial for the free match weekend on eHarmony came on. Now, I am a total sucker for advertising, so naturally I grabbed my laptop and logged right in! 6 years and about a million questions* later, I was done and ready to be matched up with the man of my dreams. However, my first several matches were guys I’m certain play dungeons and dragons like its their job and live in their mom’s basement. It was not looking good. Oh, and in order to see the profile of who they match you with – you have to pay! I got totally duped. I figured I’d give it 1 month and 60 bucks and see what happens. So, needless to say, I was thinking this was not going to pan out well. That Thursday (I signed up on Sunday), a normal, hot even, guy around my age poked me (ok, I know poking is from facebook, but I have zero recollection of what it’s called when they say they want to get to know you). We send the questions back and forth. He even called me out on how tough my questions were. Hey, look, I’m not playing around. It’s really important to me to know the answers to the hard hitting questions….that I can’t even remember 3 years later…. So, anyway, we made it through the multiple choice questions, the must haves/can’t stands/and the essay questions. We were now in the email within eHarmony portion of our little virtual love fest. He asks me if I had instant messaging. I so didn’t but immediately signed up so that we chould chat. We spent the day chatting (it’s now Friday, the next day) and flirting with emoticons (for the record, we were in our mid-20’s, not high school as the IM’ing and emoticons would lead you to believe). That night we were both talking about how hungry we were and decided to go to dinner. Now, here’s where I made the biggest potential mistake EVER: I told him to come pick me up. Yes, I told some random dude I met on the internet to come to my house. Did I tell anyone where I was going? Hell no, I was embarrassed that I was even online dating. Did I know my neighbors enough for them to recognize that I was even missing? Um, no. Nor did I work in an office so no one would notice if I didn’t show up to work on Monday. Ladies, do NOT do this. Do as I say, not as I do! So, anyway, he comes to pick me up and we had an amazing time! He didn’t kill me, or even attempt to. All in all, it was a success!

After that first date, we moved very quickly. He moved in about a month and a half later and we got engaged 10 months after that. It was the best 60 bucks I’ve ever spent.

And, since this was a longish post, here are some pics of us in the early days….

*May be a slight exaggeration, but if you’ve ever been on eHarmony, you get it.


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