First World Problems

8 Nov

Ok, can I be a big baby and vent here for a second? Oh, its my blog and I can do whatever I want on here? Fantastic.

So, B and I bought our first home a year ago. While it wasn’t my first choice, I really did like it and it made a perfect starter home. 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath cape cod style home with an adorable front porch and a fenced in back yard for our pups. Sure, it was about 20 years old and the previous owners basically half assed any home improvement projects and there was insanely limited storage – but the price was right and it was in a good location and had good potential resale value. Now, a year later, I freaking hate it. It’s hardi plank siding – meaning wood. So, we’re getting it painted (after my father in law wouldn’t shut up about it. That’s another story for another, less public forum day). While they’re painting it, they notice rotting boards. Boards that our contractor should have fixed before we closed on the house. Big shocker they didn’t fix it. Oh, and in the process of painting, they noticed termites in the front yard. Freaking termites!!!!! Also, in the short 13 months we lived there, we’ve had our roof leak. Twice. We were smart enough to get the previous owners to throw in a year home warranty when we closed. Fantastic – except that there’s a cap on how much to spend fixing a roof. Oh, and the customer service is God awful. So, after having to find our own roofer with the second leak, I’m told that we’re past our 15 day grace period of having the second leak fixed. Fan-freaking-tastic.

I know we’re insanely lucky to even be able to be homeowners in the economy. And, most days, I feel the luck. And I usually like my house. And, I know it could be much worse – like we could need a whole new roof or the termites could be infesting our entire house. But, for now, I’m just pissed and totally annoyed at all the stupid shit going on with our damn house. UGH!

Ok, end vent.


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