15 Nov

So in my “We’re Back!” post, I said we’re going to start TTC (trying to concieve) again and that I wanted to use this here blog as sort of a diary for our little one(s) some day. Well, we went to see B’s doctor last week and got some much needed good news. Dr. S said that we have about a 95% chance of fixing whatever is wrong. I figured out that the 50/50 thing last time meant that either it can be fixed or it can’t – thus making the odds 50/50. But, of those odds, 95% are fixable. So, that was great. We also discussed insurance and found out why they said it wouldn’t be covered last time. He did say that we may have to fight it, but that insurance should cover it. I’ll fight tooth and nail if it means that this surgery will be covered.

All in all, the appointment was very short and it was more financial than medical. But, since the financial aspect is what held us up last time, it was very good news. B and I left feeling much more positive and definitely looking forward to the future. They did say that his next appointment isn’t available until February, but something could come up sooner. We’ve waited so long already, another few months won’t kill us. Plus, with the holidays coming up, the wait will fly by!


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