Workin on My Fitness

28 Nov

Like my old Fergie reference there in the title? Yeah, I’m awesome.

So, after the hubs and I enjoyed not 1, not 2, but THREE Thanksgiving dinners over the weekend, we decided we needed to get off our lazy butts and start working out. B bought P90X over a month ago, but something always got in the way of us starting it. Namely, laziness. I HATE working out with a fierce passion. I’ve tried and tried to like it. I just don’t. I’m Sorry. I can’t. Don’t hate me. (and a Sex and the City reference ftw!). But, 3 massive meals, plus all the crappy ones in between, really motivated me. So, after massive meal 3 yesterday, we went to GNC to get some suppliments and some protein powder. Then, we went to Wal-Mart to get some more equipment (yoga mat, weights, and a pull up bar). After all that, and the work out system itself, we have invested quite a bit of cash to this endeavor. Ah, money, the great motivator. We basically HAVE to work out since we’ve thrown so much money at this thing.

I am always working on my weight. I’ve done Weight Watchers a few times, always falling off the wagon about 5 months in. I’m the queen of “i’ll start eating better on Monday” or “well, I can eat Wendy’s for dinner b/c I ate a small lunch”. I can rationalize my “dieting” better than anyone. But, it’s getting ridiculous. I am uncomfortable with my body. . I’m not going to plaster my current weight all over the internet, but I will say that I want to lose between 30-35 lbs. I know that P90X is supposed to make you gain muscle, so that number could change. I am between a size 10 or 12, and FOR ME, it’s not where I want to be. I guess I’d like to go from my current size down to like a 6. Or to be able to wear skinny jeans or jeggings and not feel/look like a tub of lard. Again, this is how I PERSONALLY feel about MYSELF. FOR ME, I don’t like my body right now.

Let me tell you, this workout is INTENSE. I only made it 25 of 57 minutes. And waking up at 4:45 to do the workout doesn’t help either. But, I’m hoping that the weight loss will be enough of a motivator. Plus, B doing it with me helps. And, now that I’ve told you fine folks that I’m doing it – I sort of have to. I can’t lose face on the blog! I’ll keep you posted on how this thing turns out! Wish us luck!


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