Miscellaneous Monday

12 Dec

Did I spell miscellaneous right? If not, oh well.

I know I haven’t posted in a while. It’s cause I haven’t really had much to say. I try to come up with clever posts, but I just can’t. Or, I think I’ll take pictures and I don’t. I also realize I do all of my posting at work, and I can’t very well bring in my camera and start uploading pics onto the old work computer, now can I?

So, I figured I’d do a little miscellaneous post and cover all the little non important posts that have been floating around in my noggin.

  • I got my Christmas groove back this year. Last year I was in a MAJOR funk – going through all my infertility junk, finding out that everyone and their brother was pregnant, and spending my first Christmas ever away from my family. It was not pretty. I didn’t even up up our tree and it was our first Christmas as a married couple and in our house. But, this year, I’m back bitches. The house is decorated within and inch of it’s life (if, by house you mean living room, which I do), I’ve been listening to my Glee Holiday Pandora station for the better part of a month. I’m almost entirely done shopping. Hooray for Christmas! Oh, and the best part, it’s our Christmas to spend with my family, making it that much better!
  • B and I went shopping yesterday to the amazingness that is Nordstrom Rack. I was in heaven. Except that B is not a good shopper, so he pulled me out of there way before I was ready. But, reedeming him, was the almost purchase of an amazing pair of Tory Burch heels. But, they only size we could find was a half freakin size too big. I tried to will them to not slip off my heel. No dice. Sad face. They were beautiful. Sigh.
  • Speaking of getting my Christmas groove back, my weekend was filled with Christmas delightfulness. Saturday, my friends came over and the 4 of us drank champagne and made cookies. That night, I joined B for a party with his friends. That was not so delightful. But, you know, I had to be a good wife and stuff so I had to go. Then, yesterday, after the holiday shopping, I made Christmas cookies for our cookie swap tomorrow. I’m also going to make more Christmas cookies tonight. Mmmmm….
  • I’m still figuring out how to tackle B’s latest surgery setback. His parents kind of lit a fire under us to fight it on the front end rather than pay the 6 g’s before and hope to get reimbursed. So, we’ll see how that turns out. Also, I hate insurance companies.
  • I got some new perfume yesterday. I LOVE it! It’s Chanel Coco Madameoiselle. It smells so feminine. And, the best part, it sticks around all day. I can still smell it on me. Not so with the other perfumes I’ve tried.

Ok, I think that concludes my brain dump.

To thank you all for sticking around, here are a few iPhone pictures to prove my Christmas groove!


How sweet are those babies in their Christmas jammies! That was our Christmas card this year.



How awesome is it that I got the cat in a Santa outfit!


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