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Here we go…

2 Feb

Well, tomorrow is the big day – B’s surgery. This is the day we’ve been waiting almost a year for. And, I’m completely freaked out. I read a study yesterday that said with that surgery only 6 out of 14 patients had fertility restored. My mom made a good point and said that it was probably an old study and we don’t know the ages or circumstances of the patients. That helped a little. I am just terrified. With this whole TTC journey, it’s been one step forward and 10 steps back. For every piece of seemingly good news we get, we get another that completely knocks us on our ass. I just want it to go our way for once!!! But, I have to keep reminding myself that this whole thing is panning out EXACTLY as it should. But, it’s so hard to keep that when I’m in it. Plus, we are going to have to pay another $3,000 tomorrow. So, the financial burden isn’t helping. It’s just completely stressful and not fun. Shouldn’t baby making be fun? Even the “fun” part becomes chorelike when we’re in the middle of the meds and what not. I know in the end it’ll be worth every freak out, every tear, every stressful day. We will finally have our heart’s desire and be parents. But, that doesn’t make it any less hard getting there.

Send us prayers and positive vibes tomorrow that the surgery is a success!